Saturday, February 01, 2014

[Storage Saturday] Stamping Plates

Hey lovelies!

Welcome to the fifth and last part of Storage Saturday. Storage Saturday is a 5-part series about the Hows and Whys of my storage system for nail polish and nail art supplies. Part 5 is about storing stamping plates.

All of my stamping plates (except one) are stored in an A4 heavy-duty four ring binder. [The A4 paper format is a bit longer and less wide than a US legal pad.] With the use of different card holders made from thick plastic the binder is my best solution. The advantages in my opinion are:

  • all in one place
  • easy to browse my stamping plates collection
  • portable
  • stamping plates are well protected from scratches

There is one thing that's a bit tricky: finding the right sheet protectors for the different sizes of stamping plates.

The first protectors I found were business card holders which hold 10 regular-sized business cards on an A4 sheet. I use the elite Visitenkartenhüllen which are available at Galeria Kaufhof but there are several other brands as well. Each slot measures 10,3x5,9cm.

The business card holders fit these stamping plates:
  • Konad stamping plates
  • BundleMonster set 1-3 and holiday set (probably also the CYO set though I don't own it)
  • Cheeky set 1
  • essence stamping plates (they have to be stored sidesways)
  • Gals Princess set and Fairy set
  • Winstonia set 1

Only 2 months ago I finally found trading card holders that have bigger slots and hold 9 cards on an A4 sheet. There are two different brands, Ultra Pro Platinum and MAX Protection. Ultra Pro Platinum has slots which measure 6,8x9,4cm whereas MAX Protection protectors have 6,8x9,1cm slots. Both are made from a slicker plastic where "loose fit" means your stamping plates will slide out easily. Ultra Pro Platinum are available at Nailways for individual purchase (0,95€ per sheet). MAX Protection are available at Amazon, a pack of 100 protectors was 21,00€ when I ordered them though they are now only 19,00€.

Both trading card protectors fit these stamping plates:
  • Cheeky set 2
  • Nailways stamping plates (snugly fit)
  • MoYou London stamping plates (They have to be stored sideways. Each protector holds 6 plates snugly with the plastic backing intact in the middle and lower rows. Plates in the top row would peak out from the binder.
  • Bunny Nails holiday set (octagonal shape)
  • essence stamping plates (stored upright and with a loose fit)
  • fauxnad plates

trading card holders filled with Cheeky set 2 stamping plates

trading card holder filled with MoYou London stamping plates

trading card holder filled with Nailways stamping plates

And then there are even bigger stamping plates.

A CD protector currently stores my Bunny Nails HD-A and HD-B stamping plates. It measures 13,0x12,5cm which is a very loose fit for these stamping plates but right now it's my best solution. I mean to buy these photo protectors which fit four 10x15cm photos on an A4 sheet but I didn't get around to it yet. Since the plates are 14,5x9,5cm they should fit perfectly!

Lastly an A5 sheet protector holds my Cheeky Jumbo Plate 5. To make it fit I had to cut off the plastic background. It measures 15,0x21,1cm and I had to add a sticky tab on top to keep the stamping plate from slipping out.

I keep an extra folder to keep track of stamping plates and motives I already used.

Phew! That was a lot of text to write down. I'm almost happy with this storing system. The final touches to stamping plate storage heaven would be these photo protectors I still need to order and a motive database. I love love love browsing my big binder for new manicures but a paper database where motives are sorted by theme would make things so much easier for themed manicures!

What do you use to store your stamping plates?
Would you like to see a follow-up posts about the motive database?

And lastly, with this post my Storage Saturday series comes to an end. It was a lot of work but I loved taking pictures, remembering that my camera also has other settings than macro and writing the texts. Thank you for reading and commenting! I hope you found it entertaining and maybe even helpful in conquering your stashes! :D

What did you especially like about this series?
Is there anything I didn't cover?

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  1. I love how systematic you are. This article gave me ideas how to store my growing collection of image plates. At the moment I keep the smaller plates in a photo album, but the larger ones are loose and I don't know how to keep them all in one place. And your spreadsheet where you keep track of stamped motifs is such an awesome idea.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Vedrana. I guess being a teacher has its perks ;-)

  2. What a great storage system! Its very organized :)

    1. I love to organize and making lists and I think it shows here the most. :)