Thursday, January 30, 2014

essence Crazy Fancy Love

Hey lovelies!

Today I want to show you essence Crazy Fancy Love which came out last fall as part of the core collection.

essence Crazy Fancy Love is pale rose gold with golden duochrome flash. It looks rose golden in daylight yet shows a golden flash under my daylight lamps. This beautiful duochrome polish has a formula that spreads easily and has decent pigmentation. Crazy Fancy Love was mostly opaque at 2 coats (shown here) on my nubbins but I would advice a third coat on longer nails.

When I wore Crazy Fancy Love I couldn't shake the feelings of familiarity so I dug into my Helmers and found two similar nail polishes.

  • index finger: p2 Sparkling Surprise (3 coats)
  • middle finger: essence Crazy Fancy Love (2 coats)
  • ring finger: Nubar Stardust (3 coats)

essence Crazy Fancy Love and p2 Sparkling surprise share the rose golden base whereas Nubar Stardust is a lot pinker. Crazy Fancy Love has less of the golden duochrome flash too, whereas both Sparkling Surprise and Stardust share a warmer shade of gold. Out of the three, essence Crazy Fancy Love is the most pigmented. Overall, it's safe to say that they are no dupes of each other!

Overall I love the softness of essence Crazy Fancy Love!


  1. Love how metallic this looks! Great comparison too :)

    1. It's also the good kind of metallic, as in: it barely shows any brush strokes :)