Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chester's Drawers Turns 4! - And the Winners are ...

Hey lovelies!

I'm sorry this post has taken so long. I really didn't have any time in the last week because it was the last week of school before the Easter holidays. That's always a hectic time with last minute changes and cancelations. But! I finally made it! I picked the winners.

Drum Roll, Please!

In the first Chester's Drawers Turns 4! giveaway you could win one of three awesome nail polish sets.

The three winners of the nail polish sets are:

  • Tina I.
  • Kata B.
  • Marine L., France

In the second Chester's Drawers Turns 4! giveaway the prizes you could win were one of two BundleMonster stamping plate sets.

For this second giveaway I asked you to guess the total weight of my stamping plates binder. And the correct answer is: 3,6kg.

The two lucky winners of the BundleMonster stamping plate sets are:

  • Nermeen - Her answer of 8,5 pounds (= 3,856 kg) was the closest.
  • Kayla - She came in second-closest with her answer of 7 pounds (= 3,175 kg).

The thirds Chester's Drawers Turns 4! giveaway was all about nail care. The prizes were one of two nail care sets with a MontBleu glass nail file and different hand lotions.

And the two lucky winners of the nail care sets are:

  • Vedrana B.
  • Lucy F., Germany

And for the fourth and last Chester's Drawers Turns 4! giveaway you could win a neat nail art set to get you started on your nail art journey.

The winners of the nail art set is:

  • Lisa N., Canada

Congratulations to all the winners!

Please check your email inboxes and reply to claim your prizes within 48 hours.

[Easter] The Easter Triangle

Hey lovelies!

Time to show you another Easter mani. This time my inspiration came this mani from Marta Warmuz. Marta used the stamping technique but the design is equally as cute dotted.

A dotted manicure using a nude base color and summery colors for dotting.

base color: OPI My Vampire Is Buff
dotting colors: Barry M. Pomegranate; Barry M. Mango
tool: small dotting tool

Products I used to create the Easter Triangle manicure.

A dotted manicure using a nude base color and summery colors for dotting.

A dotted manicure using a nude base color and summery colors for dotting.

I love this mani! It looks incredibly complicated (to a non-nail blogger) but was super easy to do. I was done in 30 minutes complete with applying my base color. Friends who commented on it could not believe this type of mani can be accomplished that quickly. I want to prove them some day :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

[Easter] Hatchling Parade

Hey lovelies!

It's the week leading up to Easter and that means Easter manicures here on the blog. In the next few days I will show you a couple manis and today I want to start with a cute Hatchling Parade.

An Easter manicure depicting chicklets.

base colors: catrice Don't Feed The Birds; catrice Sand-Francisco
add-on colors: p2 Eternal; Misslyn 90 Snow-White; essence Wake Up!
tools: short detail brush; large dotting tool

Products I used to create the Hatchling Parade Easter manicure

An Easter manicure depicting chicklets.

An Easter manicure depicting chicklets.

I found the inspiration for these cute chicklets in this iBeauty tutorial. How could I not recreate this cute hatchling face into a full mani? Besides, it's super easily and quickly done. The whole mani only took 30 minutes, including applying the base colors.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Stamping - Over a Green Base

Hey lovelies!

So, apparently the theme for this week is "over a green base". But what do I know? I totally lost track of what's going on in my Facebook groups because, well, last week before Easter holidays. Anyone remember how hectic it can be? Yeah, me neither. But it is and I have to deal with it. So I was taken by surprise with the stamping theme since I forgot to vote. Duh. But you still get to see my contribution.

base color: Butter London Dosh
stamping color: American Apparel California Trooper
stamping plate and image: BundleMonster BM-H05 - celtic triquetra (single image)

I'm dying for a full-fledged Celtic knotwork plate! I love the intricacy and the classic color schemes so I kinda went with it. Just kinda because I had already set my mind on Dosh as the base color. A dark green know on a linen-colored base would have caught the Celtic vice much more but yeah, we can't have it all :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Butter London Fishwife

Hey lovelies!

My holo phase is still going strong so I thought I'd show you another beautiful one while the sun is still working in my favor. Up today is Butter London Fishwife which I recently acquired for 50% off. I just couldn't resist it any longer at this price :D

Butter London Fishwife is a pale turquoise holographic nail polish with a tightly scattered prism. In terms of consistency it is easy to manage, yet this is due to its sheerness. I needed 3 coats for opacity but I won't complain. The resulting holo effect is gorgeous after all!

Happy Friday!